Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have a question for those of you who actually still read blogs :) I've slacked off a bit. When you pray, do you pray as if God might answer your prayer, believing He can if it's in His "will" or if He wants, or knowing He will come through for you since you are His child? It was a thought I got during small group a couple weeks back and I thought I'd pose the question to all of you out there who are much more wise than I. Do you have scripture as to how to pray? I find myself praying the "safe" prayer of "God do what you need in this situation" or something similar to that. But it seems to me that lacks a bit of faith in God's power. Of course He's going to do what He needs. He's God. He doesn't need me to ask Him to do something. I heard someone say one time that God "waits" for someone to ask Him to show up powerfully, and that seems like a prayer of believing He WILL.

Just some thoughts. Suggestions as to how to sort this out? How do you pray most of the time? I want to have the faith to believe He will come through in each and every miracle I pray for, but I don't want to look like a fool for praying for something "outside of God's will". And I'm probably making this way more confusing than it should be, but that's how my brain works :)


okstitch said...

hi Mandy! I just talk to Him, like He's right in front of me. I already know He will answer, maybe not the way I would like, but I know He will answer, so I then just wait...very simple... Vicki

Chris said...

Hey mandy!! :) haven't been on in a while.
you are very wise but you doubt like us all, which is good.
I mean obviously every prayer to God isn't one that is you in need of something for thats greedy for us to ask our father to do Everything for us. He's given us the power to do amazing and strangely hard things for us. But You call out and He answers, believe in the power and love God has for you. I believe that What we do for His kingdom is in His Will. We only need to ask that the doors be opened, the power, knowledge and love that is needed for us to do anything, we already possess for He's given it to us.

But i do believe that if we are consistently asking and asking for stuff, For our own benefit then when you really truly need something sometimes it wont be as easy for us to receive it for God... not because He can't or won't but because we've asked so much for things that are not for His kingdom. If that makes sense.. but mandy i will look up a couple verses because i dont want you to just Go off what others say or believe that God's told them.. because well it needs to be from God!!