Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Simplicity of "Yes, Dad."

Yesterday, I got to spend a day at the Zoo with the Edge family celebrating Brooklyn's 4th birthday! And while I had a lot of fun, I, of course came away with something to blog about :)Between old people wearing matching purple shirts, giving the play-by-play movements of the monkey and seeing the animals right next to the fence, there are plenty of topics I could go on and on about, but the thing I took away came from the girls.

1) My Daddy is here to protect me.
2) His directions are simple, if I just listen.

On their last trip to the zoo, the ostridge had gotten a little close to Brooklyn and tried to snap at her. So when we made it to see the giraffes and zebras in that terrain, she was taken by fear. The zebras were the first things she wanted to see, and she kept reminding us that's where she wanted to go. She was fired up about seeing them. Yet, once she caught sight of the ostridge, so was paralyzed. The animal she was "dying" to see was no longer important as her "fear" looked her in the face. I tried to help and so did her mom. But all it took was for her dad to say, "It's ok, Brooklyn. I won't let the ostridge hurt you." She slowly walked up to the fence and got to see the animal she loved. Just as Justin comforted Brooklyn with his protection, God offers the same to me. My Heavenly Father will always protect me from evil. I don't need to be paralyzed from fear when I am chasing after the goal He has for my life. He will stand and protect me so I can reach my dreams.

I was amazed at how easily the girls would listen to their dad. "Go kiss that fish" "Wave to the monkey." "Get close to the cage so you can see the wolves." Each time the girls listened with out hesitation (or at least little hesitation). Sometimes it made Sheena and I nervous, but they didn't care. Their daddy said it was ok, so it must be. Why have I lost that simplicity in my relationship with God? Each time He directs me, even in the simple things, I hesitate and argue and most of the time lose that opportunity to be apart of His plan. Sometimes the things Justin would tell them to do was just crazy(like howling at the wolves) but they did it anyway. The simplicity of "yes."

Well, there you have it. My knowledge from the zoo. Next, I'll have to share the funny moments. Thoughts?


Taylor Hale said...

I love this! I saw the tweet you sent about the matching purple shirts! :)

justinedge said...

Thats awesome Mandy! I prayed before we all showed up that there would be moments that I can show examples of Christ to my girls. I didn't think of the things that you saw....Very cool how that worked out and I am glad you put it to words. Good stuff Mandy!

Nicole Knox said...

This is really good Mandy.

Mandy said...

Taylor--they were just one of the many chuckles I experienced throughout the day.

Justin--I'm sure there were SOOO many more. That's something tha thas always impressed me about your family. Each and every moment is a learning opportunity and you and Sheena are amazing examples of Christ! Thanks for letting me experience it with you guys.

Nicole-thanks! And I miss your family dearly!!