Friday, March 6, 2009


Here's a topic brought up in my philosophy class. Just a thought to think about! :)

"It's cliche to say 'Forgive and forget.' However, forgiving is not forgetting. Christians say God forgets your sins, but that is incorrect. God is in fact all knowing, so how could He forget. Would that not take away His omniscient power? You say He "throws it as far as the east is from the west" but He knows where that is too. So how can forgiveness be the same as forgetting? God doesn't ever really "forget" your sins, so what power does that give Him, if He doesn't truly forget."

Yes, I was a little fired up and fought with all the logic I could. :) Thankfully, my God is a lot bigger than a feeling, and He's truth, or I think I would have walked out of that class with a big seed of doubt in my mind. The most frustrating thing about arguing with a philosophy teacher, He's smart!! :) and has thought of just about everything. And I think He's moved beyond rational. But that doesn't scare me. Thank you Jesus for wisdom!

Just some thoughts. Did they get you fired up??

It is in fact here, yet birthday is this weekend!! So in honor of that, what is your most favorite memory of me?? Respond, and I'll give you my most favorite memory with you (that is if they are not the same).


Seth Stacey said...

Forgiving never was the same as forgetting. It's just a lot easier to forget that someone hurt you rather than forgive them.

Favorite memory: late night cleanup at camp

Mandy said...

That was a lot of fun!! And REALLLY late. Not many people get to experience me when I'm exhausted. You should cherish that memory :) let's see...I think my favorite with you was when you were telling me about the bear story at camp!! :) gotta love camp memories :)

I don't know if he said they were the same, but people say "Forgive and forget." and a lot of people think that means to forgive is to forget.